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  • commit 9d61432efb21c224b710f397809f3a4fef281f9c Author: Greg Kroah-Hartman Date: Sun Jan 12 12:21:53 2020 +0100 Linux 5.4.11 commit ...
Mar 22, 2018 · Some rough notes for the current TCP tracepoints: tcp:tcp_retransmit_skb: Traces retransmits. Useful for understanding network issues including congestion. Will be used... tcp:tcp_retransmit_synack: Tracing SYN and SYN/ACK retransmits. These are interesting to separate out, as they can show... ...

perfis a the baseline tool for every performance related analysis on Linux. It is developed in the same source tree as the Linux kernel and must be specifically compiled for the kernel you will use to trace. It can trace the kernel as well as user programs. It may also work by sampling or using tracepoints.

Mar 16, 2016 · Abstract This whitepaper is intended to introduce Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) to Linux* application developers, showing how to enable applications to use Intel MPX and how to debug problems when they arise. This document contains entirely public information. Overview: Why do we need Intel MPX? As long as there have been people writing computer software, there have been ...
  • SystemTap looks for tracepoints by compiling a fake kernel module and looking at the debug information that is generated, using the elfutils libraries libelf1 and libdw1. These in turn depend on the backends that are packaged in libebl1 to actually resolve the relocations in the debug info, so if libebl1 is not installed, the whole process fails.
  • This works by tracing the direct reclaim events using kernel tracepoints. This makes use of a Linux 4.5 feature (bpf_perf_event_output()); for kernels older than 4.5, see the version under tools/old, which uses an older mechanism. Since this uses BPF, only the root user can use this tool. REQUIREMENTS CONFIG_BPF and bcc. OPTIONS
  • Feb 24, 2013 · perf: Static Tracepoints net: sock: skb: … Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

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    Linux Trace Tool Next Generation Suite of tools to trace linux kernel and user applications Very low overhead, 10 years of active development, embedded background

    You can put tracepoints at important locations in the code. They are lightweight hooks that can pass an arbitrary number of parameters, which prototypes are described in a tracepoint declaration placed in a header file. They can be used for tracing and performance accounting. Usage. Two elements are required for tracepoints :

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    Tracepoints are a generic feature of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and their scope goes well beyond GFS2. In particular they are used to implement the blktrace infrastructure and the blktrace tracepoints can be used in combination with those of GFS2 to gain a fuller picture of the system performance.

    With kernel static tracepoints, it is now possible to add instrumentation to the Linux kernel and obtain a low overhead trace of the whole system.

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    Kernel / Hypervisor Engineer

    Purpose of tracepoints¶. A tracepoint placed in code provides a hook to call a function (probe)that you can provide at runtime. A tracepoint can be “on” (a probe isconnected to it) or “off” (no probe is attached). When a tracepoint is“off” it has no effect, except for adding a tiny time penalty(checking a condition for a branch) and space penalty (adding a fewbytes for the function call at the end of the instrumented functionand adds a data structure in a separate section).

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    Aug 22, 2011 · Cause stap tests which tracepoints ('kernel.trace ("*")') are available by using a "make" command. Consequence When stap first searches for those available tracepoints it will print out a number of error messages from the "make" which are harmless.

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    tracepoints to simplify their utilization •Tracer tools such as Perf provide a user-friendly interface to these events •User space event-driven tool •Widely available in many distributions •Based on Linux Performance Events Susbsystem •Low-overhead measurements (at least an order of magnitude faster than instrumenting profilers)

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    In this talk, we will introduce BCC, the BPF Compiler Collection, which is an open set of tools and libraries for dynamic tracing on Linux. Some tools are easy and ready to use, such as execsnoop, fileslower, and memleak.

    Linux Kernel Inspection Mechanisms: There are several mechanisms inside the kernel that allow instrumentation and debug (see this talk for a complete view of the tools and mechanisms available on Linux).

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    The passcount is a way to automatically stop a trace experiment. If a tracepoint's passcount is n, then the trace experiment will be automatically stopped on the n 'th time that tracepoint is hit. If the tracepoint number num is not specified, the passcount command sets the passcount of the most recently defined tracepoint.

    In our previous article, we explored problems tracing and profiling the Linux kernel. Today, we’d like to revisit these issues and talk about an interesting kernel tracer, LTTng, which was developed by Canadian programmer and researcher Mathieu Desnoyers. With this tool, we can receive information on events that occur in both the kernel and ...

Linux Tracing Technologies. Function Tracer Design; Notes on Analysing Behaviour Using Events and Tracepoints; ftrace - Function Tracer; Using ftrace to hook to functions; Kprobe-based Event Tracing; Uprobe-tracer: Uprobe-based Event Tracing; Using the Linux Kernel Tracepoints; Event Tracing; Subsystem Trace Points: kmem; Subsystem Trace Points: power. 1.
Mathieu Desnoyers This document introduces Linux Kernel Tracepoints and their use. provides examples of how to insert tracepoints in the kernel and connect probe functions to them and provides some examples of probe
Numbers are from a production Cloudflare machine running Linux 4.14: 501 hardware events and counters: sudo perf list hw cache pmu | grep '^ [a-z]' | wc -l 1853 tracepoints: sudo perf list tracepoint | grep '^ [a-z]' | wc -l Any non-inlined kernel function (there’s like a bazillion of them) No support for USDT or uprobes yet